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Create an active community site effortlessly with MarketOmation, where members participate & learn.

Why Communities Matter?

Communities are crafted to encourage member engagement, discussions, and collaboration. They provide segmented groups and topics, facilitating content organization by themes. Building a community where members feel connected is pivotal for sustained group interest, and MarketOmation simplifies this process!

Here's How It Works...

Improve user experience by facilitating content discovery.

Connecting with your community and creating an engaging experience is simpler than ever! Members can relish in features like in-line video playback and embedded media within posts. Customizable, community-wide feeds facilitate easy content discovery and interaction among members and with your content.

Oversee and manage your content effectively

Admins can control group behaviors, manage privacy, permissions, and customize settings. They canalso moderate content to maintain a safe and focused communities.

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Turn your online visitors into paying customers


Access comprehensive data crucial for scaling your business

Products & Payments

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Effortlessly manage your affiliate program for optimum success

Social Media Marketing

Streamline your social media presence effortlessly


Create beautiful websites without knowing code


Create a blog that positions you an expert in your industry

Landing Pages

Craft landing pages for your website or funnels with ease

Membership Sites

Create exclusive experiences with membership sites.

Reputation Management

Safeguard and enhance your online reputation effortlessly.

Email Marketing

Connect and engage with your audience on their preferred platforms

Online Courses

Create online courses to generate recurring income


Build potent workflows for automating your marketing strategies.


Establish and manage a vibrant community using Marketomation

Text Message Marketing

Maximize engagement with powerful text message marketing

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